The days are turning cooler and that means Halloween is just around the corner. Here at Bob Utter Lincoln, we want you to drive carefully this Halloween and keep in mind all the little ghosts and goblins that will be wandering around your neighborhood.

Everywhere you drive, excited children will be darting in and out of front yards and across streets, not always taking the time to look before running out in front of vehicles. You will need to widen the area that you scan as you drive, being especially careful to watch for children to your right and left, who may be darting off front porches and out of yards.

If you are taking your own children trick-or-treating, be sure to make them visible to motorists with retro-reflective material on their costumes and choose costumes that are made with flame-retardant material.

While you are preparing for the beginning of crisp weather and for rain and snow season, now is the perfect time to look at new vehicles. Come test drive one today and see how warm and cozy a new car can make you feel.



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