Wondering if your brakes need repaired? Check out the following list of common signs that may indicate that you are in need of a brake repair sooner, rather than later:

1. Odd Sounds: Have you ever applied your brakes and thought, "Wow, what was that?" Those loud and startling sounds may very well be cause for concern. Take your vehicle to your local mechanic and have them take a look, as soon as you can.

2. Soft Braking: When you apply your brake, it should feel firm under foot. If it feels soft, or even squishy, you've got a problem on your hands. Contact your local mechanic for assistance.

3. Pulling: A vehicle that tends toward the right or left often means that the vehicle is in need of an alignment, but not always. If it seems to happen mostly as you apply the brake, you'll want to take your vehicle to the shop, just in case.



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