If keeping your car shiny makes you proud, you should also clean its engine. We can happily share tips based on the process we use for cleaning engines at Bob Utter Lincoln.

When you're cleaning your engine at home, always choose a pleasant, dry day. Also, place bags over exposed electronics under your hood to keep them dry. Disconnect your battery's negative connection, too. Next, detach all plastic components from your engine. You can wash those with a little dish soap.

We clean engines with degreasers. While you can buy degreasers formulated for engines, feel free to use any brand that you have in your home. Liberally spray your engine. Areas of dense grime will require additional degreaser. You can scrub those areas with a nylon brush, too. Give the chemicals about 20 minutes to work, then rinse your engine. After your engine is dry, you can remove the bags, reattach everything and return to the Sherman area's roads.


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